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Monday, November 12, 2007

Biotechnology Conference Schedule: March 2008

Organizer Conference Name Month Start Date End Date Days Location
GRC  The Science of Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy March 3/2/2008 3/7/2008 6 Ventura, CA
ISN 28th Annual Dialysis Conference March 3/2/2008 3/4/2008 3 Orlando, FL
The Center for Business Intelligence PITTCON 2008 March 3/2/2008 3/6/2008 5 New Orleans, LA
IIR CDHC Expo March 3/3/2008 TBA TBA Las Vegas, NV
The Center for Business Intelligence 9th Annual Patient  Assistance Programs March 3/3/2008 TBA TBA TBD
ABCAM Maintenance of Genome stability 2008 March 3/4/2008 3/7/2008 4 Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
ACI 3rd Maritime Communications and Technology Conference March 3/5/2008 TBA TBA London, UK
NERCE Clinical Practice Guidelines & Quality Cancer Care March 3/5/2008 3/9/2008 5 Hollywood, Florida
The Center for Business Intelligence 7th Annual eMarketing for the Pharmaceutical Industry March 3/6/2008 TBA TBA TBD
GTCbio Anti-Infectives (5th Annual) March 3/6/2008 3/7/2008 2 Philadelphia, PA
GRC  Biology Of Acute Respiratory Infection March 3/9/2008 TBA TBA Four Points Sheraton
GRC  DNA Damage, Mutation, & Cancer March 3/9/2008 3/14/2008 6 Ventura, CA
GRC  New Antibacterial Discovery & Development March 3/9/2008 3/14/2008 6 Barga, Italy
IBC Process Validation for Biologicals March 3/10/2008 TBA TBA San Diego, CA
IBC Outsourcing Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals March 3/10/2008 TBA TBA San Diego, CA
IBC Technology Transfer for Biopharmaceuticals March 3/10/2008 TBA TBA San Diego, CA
IBC Biologicals March 3/10/2008 TBA TBA San Diego, CA
The Center for Business Intelligence 3rd Annual Conference on Patient Awareness, Recruitment & Retention for Clinical Trials March 3/10/2008 TBA TBA TBD
AHA 48th Cardiovascular Disease Epidemoiology, Prevention, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Metabolism March 3/11/2008 3/15/2008 5 Colorado Springs, CO
BioVision BioSquare 2008 March 3/12/2008 3/14/2008 3 Switzerland, Europe
CISILE  5th China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition March 3/12/2008 3/14/2008 3 Beijing, China
IBC Antibody Development & Production March 3/12/2008 TBA TBA San Diego, CA
IBC Production March 3/12/2008 TBA TBA San Diego, CA
ACMG American College of Medical Genetics Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting March 3/13/2008 TBA TBA Phoenix, AZ
AST AST 12th Annual Winter Symposium Emergence to Convergence: Management of High Risk Donors & Recipients March 3/13/2008 3/16/2008 4 Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa Rancho Mirage, CA
Keystone Symposium  RNAi2008: Functions and Application of Non-coding RNAs March 3/13/2008 3/14/2008 2 Oxford , UK
AAAAI 2008 AAAAI Annual Meeting March 3/14/2008 3/18/2008 5 Philadelphia, PA
SFN SIR 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting March 3/15/2008 3/20/2008 6 Washington DC
BPS Focused Meeting: High Throughout Pharmacology March 3/17/2008 3/18/2008 2 Hatfield, UK
The Center for Business Intelligence 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Accounting and Reporting Congress March 3/17/2008 TBA TBA TBD
WBR BioNetwork East 2008 March 3/17/2008 3/19/2008 3 Naples, FL
GTCbio Imaging in Clinical & Pre-clinical Drug Development (3rd Annual) March 3/17/2008 3/18/2008 2 San Diego, CA
Biochemical Society British Yeast Group Meeting 2008 March 3/18/2008 3/20/2008 3 Kildare, Ireland
Biochemical Society Molecular Mechanisms of Glucolipotoxicity in Diabetes March 3/24/2008 3/26/2008 3 University of Dublin, Ireland
CHI Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference March 3/25/2008 3/28/2008 4 San Francisco, CA
Keystone Symposium RNAi, MicroRNA, & Non-Coding RNA March 3/25/2008 3/30/2008 6 British Columbia, Canada
Biochemical Society Gene Expression & Analysis - Linked Focused Meetings March 3/26/2008 3/28/2008 3 University of Manchester, UK
Biotechnica & Interphex PharmaMedDevice March 3/26/2008 3/28/2008 3 Philadelphia, PA
ONAMI PCH Meetings 2008 March 3/26/2008 3/27/2008 2 Lyon, France
FECS / ECCO 6th European Oncology Nurses Soceity Spring Meeting (EONS 6) March 3/27/2008 3/29/2008 3 Geneva , Switzerland
Keystone Symposia Computer-Aided Drug Design March 3/29/2008 TBA TBA Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Lisencing Exeutives Society 8th Annual Discovery Summit March 3/31/2008 4/2/2008 3 TBA
The Center for Business Intelligence 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners Forum March 3/31/2008 TBA TBA TBD


Unknown said...

Early Stage Life Sciences Conference IV
Date: March 24, 2008
Location: The Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
The Conference is an opportunity for research institutions and recently formed Massachusetts companies to present their life sciences technologies to an audience of angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate investors.

For more information about the event please visit

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