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Monday, November 12, 2007

Biotechnology Conference Schedule: July 2008

Organizer Conference Name Month Start Date End Date Days Location
FECS / ECCO 20th Meeting of the European Association for Cancer Research  July 7/5/2008 7/8/2008 4 France
GRC  Atomic & Molecular Interactions July 7/6/2008 TBA TBA Colby-Sawyer College
GRC  Biocatalysis July 7/6/2008 TBA TBA Bryant University
GRC  Drug Metabolism July 7/6/2008 7/11/2008 6 Plymouth, NH
FEBS 32nd Federatin of the European Biochemical Societies Meeting July 7/7/2008 7/12/2008 6 Vienna, Austria
American Society for Virology 27th Annual Meeting July 7/12/2008 7/16/2008 5 Ithaca, New York
CRS 35th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Controlled Release Society July 7/12/2008 7/16/2008 5 New York, USA
FENS 6th FENS Forum of European Neuroscience July 7/12/2008 7/16/2008 5 Geneva , Switzerland
German Genetics Society World Congress of Genetics - Understanding Living Systems July 7/12/2008 TBA TBA Berlin - ICC
BPS Ferderation of European Pharmacological Societies 2008 Congress July 7/13/2008 7/17/2008 5 Manchester, UK
GRC  Moleular Therapeutics of Cancer July 7/13/2008 7/18/2008 6 New London, New Hampshire
GTCbio Rediscovering Biomarkers (2nd Annual) July 7/17/2008 7/18/2008 2 Boston, MA
FASEB 22nd Symposium of the Protein Society July 7/19/2008 TBA TBA San Diego, CA
Biochemical Society DNA topology & topoisemerases July 7/20/2008 7/23/2008 4 John Innes Centre, UK
GRC  Bioelectrochemistry July 7/20/2008 TBA TBA University of New England
GRC  Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms July 7/20/2008 TBA TBA Colby-Sawyer College
CSCP The IXth World Conference on Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics July 7/27/2008 8/1/2008 6 Quebec City, Canada
GRC  Cancer Models & Mechanisms July 7/27/2008 TBA TBA Bryant University
GRC  Computational Chemistry July 7/27/2008 TBA TBA Mount Holyoke College


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